A fast and complete solution for the imposition of PDF pages for Mac OSX as well as Windows-systems. Creating printing sheets digitally gets easy and effective, all the necessary printing marks like cut-marks, folding marks, registration marks, sorting marks and so on are available. If something may be missing it can be delivered by the user for the import of PDF graphics to be used as marks is supported.

In Nicola the schemes defining a printing sheet’s geometry and the sets of marks used are different objects. They are combined just in the final job. Thus most divers jobs can be done with a relatively small amout of predefined objects since each and every geometry can be combined with each and every marks-set.

System required: Mac OS X 10.4 or newer, Windows XP or newer.

Nicola installs itself as a free 30-day evaluation version, so you can try it at no risk.


Download-Version (Licence Code only) Euro 745,00 (plus VAT if applicable)
Update from Version 1 or 2 Euro 150,00 (plus VAT if applicable)
Additional license Euro 449,00 (plus VAT if applicable)